The Hypobaric Chamber

Trainees in the Hypobaric chamber

Designed to familiarise flight deck and cabin crew with the hazards and symptoms associated with sudden exposure to high altitude.

Loss of cabin pressure during flight leads to hypoxia – a reduction of the oxygen supply to the brain with the consequential loss of reality and deterioration of mental ability.

In the hypobaric chamber pilots and cabin crews can experience hypoxia to better understand its effects and promote early recognition of one´s personal symptoms.

  • Able to simulate altitudes from 0m to 18 000 m (60 000 ft.)
  • Holds up to 4 people
  • CCTV, computer-aided physiological and altitude monitoring.

Other applications for the chamber include:

  • Screening of Pilot and Air crew Applicants
  • Medical treatment - Ménière´s syndrome
  • Medical evaluations
  • Equipment testing
  • Rapid decompression
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