The Dynamic Flight Simulator and the other facilities are often used in research projects in the area of flight physiology. The FPC facilities plays an integral part in vital aerospace and flight physiology research projects in Sweden.

The special interchangeable seat for DFS made for research

We do research projects with scientists from the Swedish Defense Research Agency (FOI) and the Royal Institute of Technology (KTH) in Stockholm.

Most of the products are aimed to improve comfort and endurance for pilots and flying personnel. Here are some examples:

  • DFS – “Study of physiological effects when flying long hours in a high-G environment”
  • Hypobaric Chamber – “Study of the nitrogen bubbles production in the human lung when exposed to decompression in a hypoxia demonstration”
  • Test Pool – “Study of pilot survival suite function in cold water (7 °C)”

The DFS has an interchangeable seat which is specially made for research experiments.